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Pamperumpel Industries is in search of a Crisis Manager

Welcome! The World of the Pammies is applying for membership in the Universal Planetarian Union (UPU). In order to help them to upgrade their planet to adhere to the standards of the UPU, the UPU is looking for a suitable candidate to fill the position of crisis manager

Your responsibilities:

Get as many Pammies as you can to safety using their over-engineered, impractical appliances. Rescue them from fires, tiny explosions, and mainly their own stupidity! It is like using a bomb to hammer a nail!

Your profile:

You can keep calm while the Pammies just completely freak out? You know how to make the best use of the over-the-top products of the Pammy world and your special crisis manager time loop skills?

We are looking forward to your application!

We offer:

Home Office (connect remotely to your crisis manager equipment from whatever planet you are on). We will try to meet your salary expectations, but actually saving Pammie lives should be rewarding enough.

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