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About the Game

Panic Mode is a single-player game for PC which combines disaster and humor in a unique way with aesthetic and colorful artworks. Panic Mode is all in one: puzzle, simulation, and real-time strategy game!

In Panic Mode you explore the home planet of the Pammies: Because of their clumsiness, these adorable aliens stumble from one disaster to the next - they are completely helpless! Your mission as a player is to get them safely out of life-threatening situations such as fires, floods, earthquakes, or a good old Zombie apocalypse. The real challenge is to use the impractical tools provided in each level to save as many of our beloved Pammies as possible. Lots of creativity is needed if you want to figure out how to extinguish a fire with a toaster.....        

Good luck! The Pammies are counting on you!

Who are the Pammies?

Are you wondering who the Pammies are?

Pammies are cute and clumsy alien creatures living and working in their own little corner of the universe. Guess what? YOU are the first intelligent being to meet them!

These cute creatures will surely brighten up your day.



When will "Panic Mode" be released?

Panic Mode will be released in late Q1 of 2021. Follow us on Twitter and Reddit or join our Discord to stay updated with lots of FUN.

What platforms will "Panic Mode" be available on?

At launch: Steam for PC.

Are you planning to support other platforms later?

We are considering support for other platforms after the launch – Mac/Linux will probably be next in line.

Are you considering a mobile version?

For now, our focus is on the Steam release. We might consider a mobile version afterwards; not yet decided.

What are the minimal requirements for running "Panic Mode"?

We will be releasing requirements closer to the launch.

Are you planning to continue development post launch?

Yes, we are planning to add more features and content down the road and continue working on the game in general.

Do you have a Reddit community?

Here YOU go! Don't forget to join


Do you have a Discord server?

Yes! And we are looking forward to welcoming you  




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