Will you save them?

Crisis management
with questionable engineering

Pamperümpel Industries™ shamelessly uses dangerous materials in all of its products – including your equipment as crisis manager.


Erratic, useless, and frick’n adorable.

Every Pammy is a precious individual who will doubtlessly die without your help.


Tools that are totally safe*

Pamperümpel Industries™ builds top quality products with little-to-no likelihood of unintended consequences

*Pamperümpel Industries™ makes no promise of tools being totally safe

In a world prone to constant catastrophe...

Products and buildings are often made from whatever Pammies can find on their hazardous home planet - whether or not it’s explosive is of little concern to them.


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Dropping on Steam soon!

Panic Mode! is currently being developed by the indie studio Moebiusgames - coming to early access for PC this year

  • Platform: PC/Steam

  • Availability: April 1st

  • Hat tipped to:

    • Lemmings​

    • The Sims

    • Overcooked

    • The Incredible Machine


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